Patients & Visitors

The Patient Experience

The staff at Carlinville Area Hospital & Clinics will do everything possible to make your stay as comfortable as it can to aid your recuperation.

To assist in the healing process, you will be asked several questions by admitting and nursing personnel at the time of your admission. This information is necessary, and we appreciate your cooperation. As part of the admission process, hospital staff will also complete a card with your room number and phone number, which you may want to share with relatives and friends who plan to visit or call you.

Newspaper, Flower, & Mail Delivery

Our hospital staff will deliver flowers and personal mail addressed to patients only. Complimentary copies of the local weekly newspapers are also provided to patients.

Television & Phone

Televisions and phones are made available to patients at no charge (except long-distance calls). Televisions have access to all basic Dish Network channels and are adapted with closed captioning for patients who are hearing impaired. Local calls can be made by dialing “9” followed by the desired number. Long-distance calls can be made with the assistance of staff. Calls cannot be charged to the hospital. The patient may ask the outside operator to charge the call to their home phone or a phone company card.


Carlinville Area Hospital & Clinics is a smoke-free campus as of Nov. 15, 2007. Smoking is a major health hazard and secondary smoke is dangerous to everyone, especially the hospital’s patients. Patients who refrain from smoking contribute to their own recovery. Often, those patients who cease smoking during a hospital stay are motivated to break their habit for good. We ask visitors to respect the No Smoking Policy within the campus and leave the campus when they feel the need to smoke.

Clergy Visits

The hospital staff will attempt to contact your pastor if you requested it when you were admitted. Unfortunately, our staff is sometimes unsuccessful in completing the contact. We recommend if you have not heard from your pastor within 24 hours, you or a family member should attempt to make direct contact.

For Your Safety

During your hospitalization, different kinds of medical equipment may be used to provide treatments in your care. If you notice any equipment that is not functioning properly, please notify your nurse immediately so they can correct the problem or assist in rectifying the situation. While you are a patient, the staff may be alerted for a fire or disaster drill. Such drills are held to assure maximum safety to our patients. Therefore, please do not be disturbed or alarmed if you hear or see evidence of such a practice drill.

Going Home

When indicated by your physician or hospitalist, discharge and checkout from the Hospital will be coordinated with you and your family. Instructions for your care at home and other follow-up care will be given to you personally by the nursing staff. You will be accompanied out of the hospital by a member of the hospital staff.

Patient Care Evaluation

Random patients receive a Patient Care Satisfaction Survey after returning home. If you receive one of these questionnaires, we hope you will take the time to complete the form and mail it back to us. Surveys are also found in designated locations on the floor. All patients can complete a survey and return in an envelope. You may also receive a phone call from our hospital staff regarding your stay. These are just a few ways you can help us continue to improve the care and services we offer. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Legal & Ethical Practices

You can help ensure Carlinville Area Hospital & Clinics maintains the highest standards of legal and ethical excellence by helping enforce its Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct tells how the hospital conducts business properly and follows federal and state laws. As a patient, you are encouraged to call the Carlinville Area Hospital & Clinics Compliance Line at 1-888-345-2676 to report any conductor behavior that may be illegal or unethical. Patients may report various acts and behaviors, including bad manners, something that puts a patient in danger, failure to provide prescribed care, stealing, and not reporting problems with equipment. A separate company runs this “hotline,” so you do not have to worry about being identified for reporting wrongdoing.

Nursing & Staffing Information

To ensure patient safety and public trust, anyone can ask about our staffing levels and staff competence. To make an appointment with the Chief Nursing Officer or Quality Manager, call 217-854-3141 ext. 365. All questions will be answered in accordance with the 2004 Illinois Hospital Report Card Act.