Inpatient Care

Expert, comforting care close to home.

The experienced nursing staff at Carlinville Area Hospital & Clinics strives to make our patients’ stay as comfortable as possible while providing expert care. Our doctors, nurses, aides, care managers, and therapists work together to offer a continuum of care, giving patients the ability to return home to their daily activities as quickly as possible.

For comfort and support of the patients and family members, our state-of-the-art facility offers 25 private patient rooms with centrally located nursing support stations.

What is a hospitalist?

Hospitalists are doctors who provide care for patients admitted to the hospital. Hospitalists’ care begins at the time of admission — enabling testing and treatment to begin as quickly as possible — and ends when the patient is discharged.

Hospitalists provide ongoing care throughout a patient’s stay and can make decisions as situations arise. Hospitalists can check on patients if they have a problem, need a procedure explained, or need to meet with their family.

Are primary care doctors still involved?

Yes. Our hospitalists work closely with patients’ primary care doctors, providing updates and asking for information when they need it. A complete summary of the patient’s hospital stay will be sent to their doctor at the time of discharge.

What about follow-up care?

Once a patient is discharged, the patient’s primary care doctor will provide any follow-up care needed.

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